Direct Placement Network LLC - where networking equals cost saving.

Direct Placement Network LLC - where networking equals cost saving.



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Placement Services

DPN was founded on the idea that if we work together as recruiters with industry experts and professionals, we can drive down the cost to recruit qualified personnel and pass this cost savings off to you the client.   Our goal is to utilize our network to place qualified professionals with companies in a timely fashion and at a fraction of the cost . 


Social Media Packages

DPN offers several social media packages to help small business manage their social media and reach the world.


Recruiter Training Service

DPN's Recruiter training service will help bring your recruiting team into the 21st century by teaching them social media tricks of the trade and unique sourcing & marketing techniques.

Placement Services

Need People? We Can Find Them!

  DPN is a network of hundreds of recruiters and industry experts, that work together in a network to place the right person with the right company at a fraction of the cost. We have designed a system that allows everyone to profit. Let us assist with your requirements. You don’t have to rely on just one companies’ database and recruiters sourcing to fill your openings; you have hundreds of people all over the world trying to find the right fit for you. Our dedicated network has experts that know how to recruit in-demand skills (CISSP, Intel Analyst, Microsoft and Cisco experts, etc.).  

How We Do it

  Once a request is received, it is immediately sent out to the network. Within minutes, you have people all of the country sourcing their resources for “your” new employee. Once identified, the candidate is referred to the Network staff and we qualify them and verify their skills meet your requirements. Candidates are thoroughly screened using interviews, reference checking, and certification confirmation. Our goal is to provide you a candidate within 24-48 hours of receipt of your requirement.  

Who We Serve

  We can provide staffing services to any industry. Key industries include: DoD  Cyber, Information Technology, Engineering, and Administrative.   

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